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On Sunday 01/07/2018, we at Hit Radio The WURX had the distinct pleasure of sitting in The Yeti Radio Studio with Jeff Senour and CTS. What an amazing group of guys they are. They have a full schedule life, like the rest of us, but are still able to fulfill their dreams of touching the hearts, minds and souls of all ages and striving to make a difference through inspiration. From flying airplanes to being a school music teacher, building inspirational playgrounds and also being a student, these guys strive to be the inspiration of the young minds that hold the future for this great country. All while paying tribute to those who have already served & sacrificed more than most. It was an honor to have Jeff Senour, Joe McGinnity, Jerry Nuzum & Dylan Elliott in the studio for the official launch of "The Phoenix Music Scene" and we look forward to many more meetings and interviews in the future. Please check out the entire video of the interview available [here] to learn more about Jeff Senour & CTS!!

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