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This past weekend was an amazing adventure here at The Yeti Studio. I had very special guests, Jeff "The Hot Shot" Kelly, founder of Hit Radio The WURX & his wife, Jeanne "The Machine" Kelly, joined us at The Yeti Studio all the way from The Great Northwest State of Washington to help in renovating the studio & a few other projects. We had a great time moving things out of the studio, taking down the green screen curtains & painting all four walls, well, green. It is very safe to say & has been said many times, that there is a lot of green in this room. Once that was completed, we rearranged the studio, put everything back in place & had a wonderful show on Sunday night. The Yeti & Mrs. Yeti would like to send a very special thank you out to Jeff & Jeanne, The Kellys, for all they have done. Oh & they got to hang out with Baby Yeti, Jemma, all weekend as well. I am hoping that with more green on the walls, the better camera angles will help do more promoting with The Phoenix Music Scene, The Rock Block, & any other endeavors that are taken on in the future. The RENO is not completed, as anyone with experience with the big green monster, lighting is very crucial & the previous 500 watts of light is soooo not enough with all four walls being green now. In the near future, the new lighting fixtures will be in place & hope it will be enough. Until then, thanks for keeping up with The Yeti Studio & stay tuned, cause there is always more to come.

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