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Saturday, September 4th, 2021 was Joshua Strickland's birthday BASH @ 44 Sports Grill & Nightlife!!

The founder and frontman of The Bayou Bandits celebrated his 29th birthday putting on an amazing show for the awesome crowd at 44 Sports Grill & Nightlife. The South Louisiana born & bred Army Veteran from the outskirts of Baton Rouge & Registered Nurse, now calls Arizona home. His acceptance into this amazing Southwestern community has been so amazing for him, that he has written a song for a brand new EP due out in October, called "ARIZONA STEPSON". You could feel the love and compassion from the entire band in Arizona Stepson, as well as the rest of the entire evening. This band looks and performs like they love being on stage in front of their fans.

Joshua Stricklands southern upbringing shows in everything he does, from his job in the military, being a Registered Nurse and performing live on stage. On January 28, 2020, I had the pleasure of conducting a video interview with Joshua, which is on YouTube @theyetiradio, where he talked about his family and friends and how much his southern upbringing has influenced his life. Joshua had lost a friend and fellow veteran to PTSD and in his memory wrote the song "KANDAHAR". This song is not just a patriotic song, but a song that takes the listener on a lyrical trip into the life of a solder from the perspective of a soldier. The Bayou Bandits looking into the future with their new EP expected out in October and if you are a fan as I am, you can't wait to hear the new amazing music they bring. Stay tuned to The Yeti Radio and The Phoenix Music Scene and maybe we will get lucky and get a sneak peak just for you, THE FANS!!


The 44 Sports Grill & Nightlife has transformed into an awesome local venue to host live entertainment. The staff were extremely friendly and professional, and very busy that night. According to a source at the 44, they are planing to go into a remodel in the future and relocate the bar area to expand the live venue/stage area. Can't wait to see what happens in the future and to attend more live events at this

amazing venue. Hope to be able to bring you way more of The Phoenix Music Scene with the 44 Family and The Yeti Radio!!



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