top of page Showcasing the finest in music coming out of THE PHOENIX MUSIC SCENE. No PAYOLA, no favorites, no B.S. Just pure love and appreciation for all of the unsigned artist and musicians performing in the Valley of the Sun. also spotlights the local music venues that tirelessly support all of the efforts by local artist. -ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT EMPTY VENUES - SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!! format is rather simple, On Thursdays at 5pm AZT, I will play 1-2 songs a piece from the musicians that will be playing in the Phoenix Valley at various venus on Friday and Saturday nights. The goal is to help create exposure for both the bands and the venues in the hopes of spreading the word about all of the amazing talent performing nightly the Valley of the Sun.

This is my hobby, I love what I do, besides, I get to listen to music the rest of the world doesn't get to, unless you come listen to my show! I am NOT regular radio that is restricted by air-waves and regulations. It is the WWW for a reason, there are no boundaries to the World WIde Web!!! I have been on internet radio stations around the world over the past 8 years and my shows have been heard in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, Europe and of course all over the U.S. I hope you enjoy listening to my broadcast and discovering our amazing local music scene as well.

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