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The 2020 Arizona Roots Festival, tagged IrieZona, was a huge success. So much love and support from all directions of the event. The crowds were awesome, some of the friendliest I have met and everyone just had fun. The venders were equally friendly and considering the weather, were amazingly cheerful. One lady working in one of the food tents was standing in about 2 inches of water and never skipped a beat, plus serviced with a huge smile. The entertainment was amazing, from the local band all the way to the headliners. The musicians fed off of the energy of the crowd and the crowd off of the musicians. A huge shout out to the Roots Festival staff for handling the weather accordingly, amazing job!! My only personal wish for any future festival, is that they just allow chairs, cause my old ass, as big as it is, just can't get up and down off the ground very easy, haha. Thanks to every and anyone who participated, performed and worked the event, it was a life experience that I will never forget. KEEPING IT IRIE!!